My European Ancestors

Arms of the Royal House of Gwynedd 
Arms of the Royal House of Gwynedd
My 24xgreat grandfather is  
 Llewelyn ap Iowarth
of Gwynedd
King of Gwynedd.
His granddaughter,
Helen ferch Llewelyn
married Donald, Earl of Mar.

Helen is also descended from Godfrey de Brionne, a son of Richard 'the Fearless', the 3rd Duke of Normandy.

Early 2014, I am continuing my research into
my descent from the Normandy nobles, I'm looking at the relationships between the Scottish nobles from whom I am descended: the
St Clairs, the Bruces, the Douglases, the Campbells, the Stewarts, the Lauders, the Leslies, the Cockburns, the Borthwicks and others.
To see a clan land map, click here.
My French ancestry is complicated. An example can be found here.
Arms of William
the Conqueror


The wife of  Llewelyn,
King of Gwynedd is
Joan Plantagenet
a daughter of

King John of England.

I have been researching my European ancestors:
Dukes of Aquitaine,
Counts of Anjou,
Counts of Vermandois
Counts of Flanders

Counts of Aumale
Counts of Boulogne

 To see a map of Ancient France, click here.
Fulk IV arms
Coat of Arms of
Fulk IV
Crest of the St Clairs
Crest of
The St Clairs
of Rossyn
On 3 June1629,  my 11xgreat grandparents, Sir John St Clair of Herdmanston and Elizabeth Sinclair were married.
This Elizabeth (1608) is descended from the Sinclairs of Longformacus, a branch of the St Clairs of Rosslyn in East Lothian who came to Scotland in the mid 11th century from Clair sur Epte in Normandy. They are descended from the Dukes of Normandy. details of the St Clair/Sinclair lines in Scotland can be found here.
































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