Welcome to my website. I started this website in 2000 as a way of organising my data in a readable way. Over the years the site has grown with new pages added and new links to other webpages on the internet. I hope that the information you are looking for is here but if not, there are many relatives of mine who were born in the last 100 years who are not included for privacy reasons (over 5,000 names) so it may be worth getting in touch.
I also have my tree on Ancestry.co.uk

       In the time I retired as a teacher in 2005 until 2012, I have undertaken family history research for other people using the skills I have developed since I started my own research in the summer of 1985. Researching my own family history in those early years, there was no easy access to information as today and many hours were spent travelling to Record offices in Manchester (Lancashire), Stafford (Staffordshire), Chester (Cheshire) and Matlock (Derbyshire).
       As PC ownership became the norm, I started to use Word and Excel to produce a visual record of my tree but soon bought my first software package and typed in the 2,000 names I had stored on paper. I moved to using Family Historian software when it first came on the market and as at December 2018, I now have over 31,000 relatives on file. Over 23,000 are in the name index of this site which is searchable. I do have other files of people who I thought were my relatives but proved not to be. So even if you don't find a name you are looking for, it might be worth getting in touch with me.

       In October 2013, I have added the name search part of the website generated by Family Historian and I have been modifying the style to fit with the rest of the website.

Technical information.

I use Microsoft Expression to develop the webpages.
I use Photoshop for designing and producing buttons, backgrounds,
titles and modifying photographs and other images.

About me

More information about myself can be found here.