1805 - 1893

Leslie Fleming  was born in Edinburgh on 23rd December 1805 at his parent's house in Liberton Wynd, a narrow street in the old part of Edinburgh just off the Royal Mile. Libberton Wynd was famous for Johnnie Dowie's tavern, a drinking establishment used by Robbie Burns when he was in Edinburgh. The tavern was three tenements up the Wynd from Leslie's birthplace. He was christened Leslie after the surname of his maternal grandmother Marah Leslie.
Leslie's father was a printer and Leslie, his brothers and later some of his sons all entered the same profession.
He lived at home until the age of 24 years and he met and married his wife, Janet Bell who lived in the same street with her parents, Murdoch, and his wife Janet

It was Leslie's son, also Leslie, who moved to London in 1861 perhaps joining an uncle who had made the move earlier. It is from this branch of the Flemings that I am descended.

Leslie Fleming Senior gave a talk to representatives of the printing profession of Edinburgh in 1892, at the age of 87 where he talked of his professional life. Later he published his words in a  book a photocopy of which I have obtained and restyled. This is available on this website, click on the book below.

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